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A true bro never dies.
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First art of summer? by HeavenLightYukiko First art of summer? :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 7 4 Bout time I did one of these. by HeavenLightYukiko Bout time I did one of these. :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 3 3
Hyperthymesia-Freedom (27)
Under the canopy of the evergreen forest where light flitted through treetops and little creatures scuttled to and fro in the sweaty summer blaze, Piggeh and Berta ducked under branches and avoided hives in their trek towards their enemy. Everywhere, the man’s eyes darted around the surreal scene, taking in all the mosses and buzzing bees that had before been unknown to him. When was the last time he went out? He didn’t know. But he never went this far from Brennenburg, and never thought of doing so. By trusting his partner’s word in this new world, Piggeh could let his curiosity run freely. He felt like a child again.
Every time they got tired from hiking, they stopped and talked about trivial things. The times when their stomach growled, they pulled fruit from the trees or picked berries from the fecund flora from every direction around them. When night came, they slept under the stars against the trunk of old apple trees. And these were the times they were silent.
:iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 2 18
Bunch o' OCs I guess by HeavenLightYukiko Bunch o' OCs I guess :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 9 12 .:BEAST:. by HeavenLightYukiko .:BEAST:. :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 14 9 Kiss Meme (YAOI YAOI AND YAOI) by HeavenLightYukiko Kiss Meme (YAOI YAOI AND YAOI) :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 50 25 TWNO Body Study by HeavenLightYukiko TWNO Body Study :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 5 6 They Were Never Ours characters (unfinished) by HeavenLightYukiko They Were Never Ours characters (unfinished) :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 8 0 Fem!Stephano by HeavenLightYukiko Fem!Stephano :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 35 22
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Hyperthymesia-Abridged (1-2) :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 3 14
Hyperthymesia-Enamor (26)
One by one, thick midnight blue hairs fell down the sink, flushed out of sight by the hypnotizing stream of running water. Skully ran the blade up and down his pale jaw, clearing his week-old beard from existence. As soon as Stephano saw him saunter back into their annex with Jennifer by his side, he had been the very first to accuse his rival of looking like “something akin to a hairy cross of an ape and penguin” and told him to “go shave that animal off your lip before I use my sword to get it done.” In any case, Skully was in no condition to make sassy remarks. But there was one problem that Stephano still could not figure out about him.
“So... why did you insist on using my bathroom?” the golden man asked from his bed. He was watching Skully intently, suspiciously ogling every particle of his being to make sure he didn’t spontaneously break out in fits and smash the bathtub. “I believe yours is functioning perfectly.”
Skully shr
:iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 5 16
I was dared to do the thing. by HeavenLightYukiko I was dared to do the thing. :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 8 37 Steampunk!Mr. Chair by HeavenLightYukiko Steampunk!Mr. Chair :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 35 13 Lion King Redraw by HeavenLightYukiko Lion King Redraw :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 10 0 Lion King Redraw (back to back) by HeavenLightYukiko Lion King Redraw (back to back) :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 13 3 Not So Hyper Q 5 by HeavenLightYukiko Not So Hyper Q 5 :iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 2 6


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
So, I really haven't been on a lot...
Yeah, you can blame Tumblr. (btw my url right now is puppy-butts and that won't be changing anytime soon COME FOLLOW ME I'M ACTUALLY REALLY ACTIVE ON THAT WE CAN CHAT AND STUFF)
Anyways, there is a reason I'm not posting things here lately, possibly ever again.
And it all boils down to: deviantart has a really sucky upload system.
I cannot count the times the submit thing has completely and entirely fucked up when I try to put something on here and I need to do everything all over again. Its just. Really. Frusrating.
That is why I'm considering moving Hyperthymesia over to archiveofourown.
It's a lot more convenient, neater, and easier to upload things to. Of course I'd give you all links upon request and also on the group :hyperthymesia-fc:
You don't need an account to read or write comments there either, which is neat-o!
So yes, I'm probably not going to update on here anymore, mostly because it's just such a /pain./
As for the fic itself, there are no new chapters up to date, and when I say why, I hope you'll understand.
At some point here I wrote a journal about my origal piece They Were Never Ours which I am putting on top priority right now. Why? Well you see, I want to go to college for creative writing, and want to go to a very artsy, liberal college (Sarah Lawrence) which is highly selective and only accepts ~47% of applicants, so I need to stand out. And submitting a manuscript of a novel that deals with many social justice issues (which the school practically revolves around) may get me in. You guys don't understand how much I /need/ to go to this school. I feel like I was born and bred to go there, and if I don't get accepted, I'll be crushed. My grades are barely making it, since they only accept people with a GPA of 3.33 (90%) or higher. So I just /need/ to finish the manuscript, otherwise I'll most likely get rejected and sent to some school in South Carolina where my parents are moving for retirement. There are no great creative writing colleges that are also LGBT+ friendly. Sob.
Well, that's about it for me and my predicament, I hope you guys understand. Hopefully Hyperthymesia will be up and running during the summer when my parents kick me out of the house and send me to the library to do the exact same thing I do inside the house: use my computer. Except I'll have /time/ to write two things at once. What's up with you guys?


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My new name is Amaterasu but-
I'm the one who made the picture of Piggeh's feet because of the one picture if you don't remember just by the name XD
I was wondering if one day you could do another Join.Me
That would be so cool :'D
Well it was nice to actually talk to you again!
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